Hop Splash Sparkling Hop Water 24-pack

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When hop cravings hit, drench them with Hop Splash, our sparkling water infused with Citra and Amarillo® varieties known for bright and fruity flavors. Hop Splash has zero alcohol, zero calories, and maximum hop refreshment.

  • Carbon-Filtered Water: Hop Splash starts with the same water we use for brewing beer. It's carbon-filtered to ensure the highest-quality H₂O out of the gate.
  • Real Hops: We use real Citra and Amarillo® hops, steeping them in water for a precise, brief amount of time to extract only the bright, tropical medley of hop notes.
  • Sustainable CO2: We capture, clean, and reuse carbon dioxide from beer fermentation to carbonate Hop Splash, keeping CO2 out of the atmosphere and closing the loop.

Check out the tasting video for Hop Splash here.

 Price is inclusive of CA CRV.

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12 24
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Hop Craving? Drench it with Hop Splash


Customer Reviews

Based on 136 reviews
Joseph Litwiller
I love this stuff.

I really enjoy the crisp hop flavor and take it everywhere. It’s conveniently delivered and delicious.

Constance Criss
Thank You for Making Hop Splash!

I love that is tastes hoppy, has no carbs, and just two ingredients-hops and carbon dioxide to give it some fix. Curbs the beer craving without the alcohol and calories.

Kimberly Jeffries
I love this!!

It is So refreshing and it's like I'm cheating even though I know I'm not! I love the hoppy flavor. Once I started liking IPAs , it's really hard for me to drink anything else. Love it!

Kevin Hacker

The tastiest treat this ‘sober’ guy could ask for. I can no longer enjoy your beers, so Hop Splash is the next best thing! Thank you!

Kelly Richcreek
Hop to it!

If you're looking for a refreshing hop bubble without alcohol, Hop to it and buy some Hop Splash to try. I was thrilled to find Sierra Nevada's hoppy sparkling water that quenches your hop craving without alcohol. I love IPA but don't want to drink alcohol all the time therefore I was making my own without sugar. I with seeping fresh hops and adding to water kefir but then thought I may be overdoing it on the probiotics and came across this sparkling water. Great idea. I like it and hope it sells as I too would like to have strong hoppy, bitter flavor. Keeping both on hand for different tastes. I will be buying more of this in the meantime if it is reasonable priced. Thank you for not sweetening it!!! If people want sweet they an add their own favorite sweetener.