Thumbnail of Sierra Nevada Luettich Balloon Glass
Thumbnail of Sierra Nevada Luettich Balloon Glass with beer being poured
Sierra Nevada Luettich Balloon Glass
Sierra Nevada Luettich Balloon Glass with beer being poured

Luettich Balloon Glass

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This stemmed beauty is perfect for small samples of beer, or for beers with a lot of kick. Drink responsibly and beautifully. Like this 10 oz. glass!

Care: Hand washing our decal printed glassware is recommended in order to preserve the beauty and longevity of the product.

Customer Reviews

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Spencer Cummins
Superb Balloon Glass

I just received my Balloon Glass from Sierra Nevada and it’s awesome. Durable glass, fits a beer perfectly and easy to handle, this is an excellent glass in a cool shape.

Stephen Spearing
Luettich Balloon Glass

The glass is a perfect shape to create a nice bouquet as the IPA beer breathes properly.
I keep my glasses in the freezer as I enjoy my beer COLD even in the winter.

Warren Gammeter
Welcome Addition

I bought my first beer glass in Switzerland in 1983. Since then I have collected many nice beer glasses in Europe. They make great useful souvenirs. Too few American brewers make good beer glasses available. It's really nice to have a quality beer glass fr one of my favorite beers.


Great product.

Richard T
Excellent! (Actually 12oz, not 10)

Nicely styled glass. Etching is dishwasher-safe. Glass holds a full 12oz if you pour carefully.