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Thumbnail of Sierra Nevada black YETI Colster
Black YETI Colster with a Sierra Nevada logo
Sierra Nevada black YETI Colster

YETI Colster

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Our sleek YETI® Colster perfectly fits our 12-ounce cans and bottles, while the double-wall insulation keeps your beer straight-from-the-cooler cold. It's stainless steel, so no need to worry about dents. And with condensation prevention, your hands stay dry for disc golf, grilling, cornhole, or whatever good time is going.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits 12-ounce cans and bottles

Customer Reviews

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John Loparo

Yeti Colster

Diane Hoge
Great product

Great indestructable multipurpose product. It can be used as an insulated beverage holder for either bottles or cans. It can also be used as an insulated cup for hot or cold beverages with the upper ring removed. It came with a "mock" Yeti beverage can in it. The can was empty and can't be opened as a normal beverage can but I'm mystified as to what is in the can that rattles. One of these days my curiosity will get the best of me and I'll cut open the can to see what it is.

Inside that can should be some Yeti branded stickers, and the top should pop off with a little twisting.

Stephen Wallace
Yelp Colster

Sweet, love it

Stevie H.
Works Great

Keeps my Sierra Nevada bottle nice and cool. And I live in Florida!

Cara Staus

Love it